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Pediatric Consultants of Lenoir City


Adoption: Guidelines for Parents

Back to Sleep, Tummy to Play

Born Early (Preterm): At the Hospital

Born Early (Preterm): Health Concerns

Brief Resolved Unexplained Event: What Parents and Caregivers Need to Know

Care of the Uncircumcised Penis

Choking Prevention and First Aid for Infants and Children

Choosing a Pediatrician

Circumcision: Information for Parents


Common Childhood Infections

COVID-19: Infant Formula Advice


Crying and Your Baby: How to Calm a Fussy or Colicky Baby

Diaper Rash and Your baby

Feeding Your Baby

How Do Infants Learn?

How to Prevent Tooth Decay in Your Baby

Infant Furniture: Cribs

Jaundice and Your Newborn

Jaundiced Newborn

Managing Chronic Health Needs in Child Care and Schools—Preterm Newborns (Preemies): An Overview

Newborn Appearance Questions

Newborn Characteristics

Newborn Hearing Screening and Your Baby

Newborn Illness - How to Recognize

Newborn Rashes and Birthmarks

Newborn Reflexes and Behavior

Parenting Your Infant

Safe Sleep and Your Baby: How Parents Can Reduce the Risk of SIDS and Suffocation

Secondhand Smoke


Starting Solid Foods


Tips for Coping with a New Baby During COVID-19

Welcome to the World of Parenting!

Yeast Diaper Rash (Candidiasis)

Your Baby's Head Shape: Information for Parents on Positional Skull Deformities

Your Preemie's Growth: Developmental Milestones